Friday, April 20, 2012

The Natural Hair Alternative Movement... by Yendys Neferatum

The Natural Hair Alternative Movement
by  Yendys Neferatum
Queen Healer, Natural Hair Care Professional & Holistic Health Practitioner 

Natural: being in accordance with or determined by nature.
Alternative: a proposition or situation offering a choice between two or more things only one of which may be chosen. That which can be chosen instead. (Webster  Collegiate Dictionary)

The Natural Hair Alternative Movement features: 
Learning how to have healthy bodies to grow healthier hair, my expert hair and health Q&A sessions, healthy ways to transition to natural hair, practical family hair care, healthy natural hair care regimen and learning what makes my Ancient Blends natural hair care products different. 

Are you thinking about joining 'The Natural Hair Alternative Movement?' How can I assist you? Please leave me your comments.

Since 1996, I have been an advocate for those who have chosen to wear their hair in its natural, unaltered state. As a natural hair care professional since the early '90's, I have witnessed the rise of the curly, kinky, coily evolution first hand. As a child, born in Barbados, I wore natural hair throughout my childhood until I became a teenager. Then I experimented with relaxers. My mother did not authorized my use of relaxers. I took matters into my own hands at about age fifteen and succeeded at ruining my healthy, natural hair. Thank goodness for the natural hair alternative!

My family migrated to this country in 1976. Almost all of the  adults in my family wore an Afro. The elder women wore wigs or pressed their hair. I saw my father, uncles and other male friends of the family sport different sized Soul Train type Afros. My aunts wore Afros, Jody Watley style, halter, bell bottom pants and wrists filled to the elbows with beautiful, sterling silver bangles. Little girls wore their hair braided in cornrowed styles with a variety of beads intricately woven into the braids or  hanging on at the ends of their plaits. I remember my father taking much pride in picking out my Afro and spraying it down with Afro Sheen spray every morning before sending me off to school. 

Today, as I walk down the streets of Brooklyn, ride the buses and subways, look through magazines and even in the media there's no denying it, Afro hair is here! It almost feels like it did when I first arrived in America thirty-six years ago. these days, there is a strong resurgence of self acceptance re-emerging among a lot of people of African decent. I can't wait till the summer gets here...just to see our halos glowing in the hot summer sun!

Because I work with natural hair and speak on the topic everyday; I also recognize the great lack of knowledge as to what our hair needs. How to grow healthier hair and what products should be used on our hair. There are many unanswered questions and I would love to lend some clarity to the mis-education about how to properly care for our hair. A lot of women have been using relaxers for such a long time that they do not really recall the true nature or texture of their own hair. 

I would like to assist those who are in need of being educated about caring for they natural coils. I have twenty five years of experience and my own natural hair product line called Ancient Blends. 

We are the change we have be looking for!

For Natural Hair & Health Consultations / Natural Hair Care Appts: Email: yendysasis@yahoo.com
(Product info available at www.etsy.com/shop/yendysasis)

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