Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Please Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself...

Greetings All: 

I would like to take this opportunity on this day, Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 at 11:55pm, to re-introduce myself to you. 

I, Yendys Neferatum would like to publicly announce that I am an Afro-ologist©. An Afro-ologist© is one who cares for Afro-textured hair and or the multi-textures of black African hair that has not been altered by hot combs, flat irons and chemicals (by perming, relaxing, coloring and or straightening)  In past years, I have provided the service of applying plant-based hair colorant to several of my clients natural hair . I have also always informed them that by indulging in the coloring of their hair,  that action then created a non-natural state for their hair. I am not aware of whether or not my explanation of that fact was fully comprehended by my clients. Although, based on the above explanation of the title I have applied to my person today, in regards to my occupation; I am hereby stating that I have in fact been an Afro-ologist© since 1995.

Other titles by which I refer to myself would be a Master Loctician with over two decades of natural hair care experience; a Holistic Health Practitioner, a natural product formulation specialist and a Nile Valley Khametic Priestess (in training.) My natural hair and body care product line is called Ancient Blends, available online at www.cowrieshell.com. Over the years, I have gained my knowledge through self-study, as well as being a dedicated student of many healing modalities. I have been blessed to spend precious time studying with my honorable elders. To name a few; Dr. Llaila Afrika, Baaba Heru aka Ankh Ra Semajh, Queen Afua, HerbsWoman Sistah Tioma Allison, Dianna Pharr, Lester Loving and others. 

I also specializing in Natural Hair Care...Loc Initiation, Loc Maintenance, Braiding, Natural Hair Coloring, Herbal hair Treatments, Plant-based, Home-made Hair and Body Care Products, Holistic hair and Wellness Consultations or a combination. I have  been the sole proprietor  and operator of The Cowrie Shell Center, a natural hair care salon in Brooklyn, New York since 1992.

The Cowrie Shell Center has been a sanctuary for natural hair care, holistic living,  creative inspiration, as well as mind, body, spirit healing. Once one has spent time indulging in the services offered here, the experience is loving regarded as "The Yendys Experience, a soul touching experience."

It was recently been brought to my attention that many of you DID NOT know that I had been offering natural hair care services or even  provided holistic services for natural hair wearers. This fact has always been itemized on my business cards and many other forums along with the other services I provide.

 To my surprise, it seems as though there is a school of thought which does not recognize or place locked hair in the same category with 'natural' hair. 
So, I have been asking..."what is NATURAL HAIR?"

I have spoken to a few people about this, since I was puzzled and personally quite astonished. I have even searched 'Google' to gather some insight on this matter. "What is the difference between locs and natural hair?" 
It seems like this particular question has not quite made it to Google, at least... not yet!

I would be very interested to hear from you. 

"What do you think?"

 "Are locs not considered natural hair these days?"