Friday, April 6, 2012


So last week on Face Book, my friend Kelly Kello from Juice Hugger Cafe (in Brooklyn) announced my NEW waist bead collection "ADORE-RA" exclusively from my Etsy online store...www.etsy.com/shop/yendysasis!!!

I'm definitely excited about this! The inspiration for my waist beads is naturally the spirituality, sensuality and femininity of being a woman. I get super charged when Spring comes back to our side of the planet. My mind starts racing as I see bright daffodils peeking out, then the multi-colored tulips; the whole Spring-Time pallet of color just makes me want to have brilliant colors with me all the time.
I call my waist bead collection ADORE-RA... adoration for the return of the sun and adornment for our bodies; which is re-charged by the life supporting solar return. I started making my waist beads many, many years ago, just because I love creating beautiful unique gems for myself and other women. It's just that there's some much inspiration for doing different project, it seems not enough time in a day! So, sometimes its years before the cycle comes around again for a particular beading project . Me, I just go with the flow.
Here's some insight about the wearing of these beauties...Contrary to popular belief, waist beads can be worn by any woman of any size, and of any age. I've heard women say, 'oh no...my stomach is too big for that, I have to loose this fat on my stomach first.' Have you ever seen images of our beautiful sistahs on the continent? That's not necessarily the case; wearing waist beads may also inspire you (once you start to wear them) to strengthen and tone your mid-section. They will put you in touch with your divine feminine self so that you can rejoice in your woman-ness...all day long.

Here's more...

"The importance of representing femininity as well as the sexuality and sensuality of the woman….A lot of us women find it difficult just to embrace our feminine nature in general, so the beads can be worn to remind the self to embrace the feminine aspect of self and life and also for healing and releasing of emotional traumas around issues of sexual nature….For me just feeling them around my waist brings a smile to my face…I love to wear them…switch them up with different colors or different stones….when I’m out and I bring my awareness to them under my clothes it instantly brings a smile to my face as I focus on what they represent to me…reminds me that I’m always embraced fully with my sexual, sensual and feminine energy and feeling energized, lively and full of love.

Yes, Waist beads certainly have a very rich history. They have been worn for centuries and carry a vast tradition. I honestly believe that they inspire a sense of mystery and sensuality. I use semi-precious stones and rich vibrant colored beads to invoke healing. I'm divinely guided by the creative forces in the universe while I'm creating each piece. My work space is illuminated and charge with scented candles, music and living plants, sacred space is one of the ingredients used in the manifesting of my beading artistry.
Usually a consultation is necessary in order for me to custom design waist beads for a client, although, it is said that 'the stone (or in this case, waist beads) chooses its wearer.'
In some African countries, waist beads were worn to protect the person wearing it from negative energy. Ancient stories have been shared about how the balancing properties of the colored beads charged the healing energy of the stones. I use the burning of sage to cleanse the waist beads before I present them to a customer. I also rub special oils and herbal infusions onto my waist beads to purify and charge my waist beads. I use shells, gemstone, hand-made beads, brass, copper, sterling silver and a variety of pendants to adorn each of my waist beads.

African waist beads may have originated among the Yoruba tribes in Africa. Most of these tribes are now located in Nigeria. Although Ghana in Westrn Africa has certainly adopted the wearing of waist beads and is well known for them. They are symbols of feminity, and of wealth to the women of Ghana.

Going back to the Yoruba tribes, they see glass beads as of the Earth and the source of life. Some of their beliefs include that wearing the beads provides birth control as well as being a protection for pregnant women. These traditions exist today.

According to Yoruban women the beads increase their power of persuasion over men. They are certainly regarded as being associated with seduction and sensuality.

The bead production capital of the world now is Ghana. In Ghana there is a lot of the modern thought about waist beads prevailing. They are a beloved fashion item that enhances the figure and curves of a woman. There are some tribeswomen from the Asante tribe that wear them because they revere the traditional ideas of chastity, femininity and consider them indicators of status.


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