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The Yendys Experience...1993 Down memory lane..

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Reeshamah Grayson: Yes!! You started my Mom and Cousin/Aunt in 1993 and I was so impresed by your work. Their locs grew beautifully and healthy in just a matter of months. After witnessing the growth and beauty of their locs, I decided to start my loc journey with you the next year (1994). I trekked to Bklyn and went to the Cowrie Shell Center every 3 months for the first two years. People would and still stop me on the street and ask "Who started your locs?" I humbly give thanks and credit to you Yendys !!

Ancient Blends Natural Hair Gel : Aloe and Pure Vegetable Glycerin For Hair Growth...It's vegan Friendly

Ancient Blends Natural Hair Gel : Pure Vegetable Glycerin For Hair Growth...It's vegan Friendly

Ancient Blends Natural Hair Gel : Pure Vegetable Glycerin For Hair Growth...It's vegan Friendly

by The Cowrie Shell Center on Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 9:38pm

Vegetable Glycerin is an ingredient added to many shampoos, creams, moisturizing lotions, soaps, liquid soaps, etc. But, why is glycerin so popular for making of skin and hair care products? To maintain the skin and hair soft and lustrous, moisture is required. Glycerin is hygroscopic in nature, which means it absorbs water from its surroundings. This property ofveggie glycerin makes it an excellent ingredient for skin and hair care products.

Here are some the benefits of veggie glycerin for your hair, some tips on how you can use it, and some precautions you need to consider while using glycerin.

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Pure Veggie Glycerin for Hair Growth

Glycerin is a sweet tasting transparent thick liquid, which freezes to a gummy paste, and has a high boiling point. Glycerin can be easily dissolved in water and alcohol. Many other ingredients can also be dissolved into glycerin. If a bottle of glycerin is kept open, then glycerin will absorb water and will have a considerable amount of water in it. Glycerin comes from the soap making process. Vegetable glycerin is a food grade product, which is derived from vegetable oil.

Benefits of Vegetable Glycerin for Hair

Apart from being able to return moisture back to dry hair, scalp or skin, glycerin for hair growth is also used. Using glycerin one can greatly condition dry, frizzy and brittle hair. If you are suffering from dry, flaky scalp then rubbing some vegetable glycerin on scalp can greatly alleviate irritation. This is especially beneficial for Afro-African women, our hair needs lots of moisture to grow. Apart from moisturizing benefits of glycerin for hair care, it also greatly helps to strengthen the hair, which leads to less breakage of the hair, and less formation of split ends.

Uses of Veggie Glycerin

Glycerin can be mixed with essential oils, carrier oils, water, honey, etc. Using such products you can create great blends for natural skin care and hair care. Wondering, where to buy glycerin for hair from? You can buy glycerin at any health care store, or shop for it online. You can mix glycerin, water, aloe vera juice, few essential oils like lavender, rosemary in a spray bottle and little amount of conditioner. Then freeze this mixture, and apply it 2-3 days in a week on your scalp and hair. Massage with this solution, and keep the mix for 2 minutes on wet hair, then wash hair clean. You can also mix glycerin with plain water and apply it on the scalp regularly, to get new hair which has a re-hydrated texture. To preserve glycerin for longer periods of timer, you can add a shot of vodka to it. You can also buy the commercial hair care products that contain glycerin as their main ingredient, and use them for moisturizing your hair. Learn more on glycerin uses for skin.


It is important that you avoid using glycerin if you are staying in a place that has extremely dry weather. Because, glycerin on skin or hair might attract moisture from the hair strands or the skin. This can result into blisters on skin, or make the hair even more dry. However, if you are using glycerin in dry weather you can try mixing it with jojoba oil, and then use it on your hair or skin. Also, while using glycerin in regular weather, mix it with water and then apply it to keep your hair and skin well moisturized.

This was all about glycerin for hair, its benefits and uses. So, buy a bottle of vegetable glycerin from a health store, and use it to get rid of dry frizzy hair or a flaky scalp. You can also use the vegetable glycerin for moisturizing your skin.

Ancient Blends Herbal Hair Gel

"NEW" Re-Naturation Herbal Hair Oil Mist...

Ancient Blends New Moisturizer formulated by Yendys Nefer-Atum

by The Cowrie Shell Center on Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 9:24am


"Renaturate" your hair...This formula works on a cellular level to improve the present condition, vitality and health of your hair, follicles and scalp skin cells. It also assists in the natural stimulation of your own sebaceous glands (oil ducts), producing sebum, to better moisturize your hair.

Re-Naturation means to restore to it's original state, to renew.

Blessings Everyone;

I'm really excited today...It's time to share yet another wonderful hair product with you!

Ancient Blends Presents....My NEW Herbal Hair Oil Mist, RE-NATURATION...!

It restores life and luster to dull, brittle and over-stressed hair, leaving your hair with a glowing, moisturized finish. It penetrates the hair shaft to deposit proteins without leaving the usual product build-up. It sprays on...NO MORE GREASY HANDS!!! This oil mist is also acid balanced to really be a benefit to your hair, being more beneficial for virgin/natural hair. About four months ago, I began using this product as a compliment to my clients hair styles; I witnessed the difference right away. This mist is a combination of essential plant and flower essences, moisturizing plant-based ingredients and pure nut and fruit oils. The aromatic charm of this herbal oil mist is a light blend of geranium flower essence, lavender leaves and flowers and grapefruit extract essences.

Due to the high quality ingredients and the things that I don't add (no parabens, petroleum, mineral oils, lanolin fat or artificial colors) my hair and body care products will be a bit more expensive than beauty supply store brands, but my clients will say, 'it's definetly worth it, you get what you pay for!'

I'm very pleased to report that as of today, my new hair oil mist Re-Naturation IS AVAILABLE for you to purchase!!!

I was busy bottling, labeling and blessing this new addition's arrival last night!

The retail price for Re-Naturation Herbal Hair Oil Mist is $19.50... although, as a PROMO, the first 25 COWRIE SHELL CENTER FAN PAGERS will receive it at the discounted price of $15.00 for the month of SEPTEMBER ONLY!!!

Unfortunately, this product is not being sold on my website yet. It will be there this coming Fall, so stay tunned to www.cowrieshellcenter.com

In the mean-time, you may receive your 4oz bottle as soon as possible directly from me at The Cowrie Shell Center Boutique in Brooklyn, by contacting me at my EMAIL: yendysasis@yahoo.com. ALSO, Please INBOX me for shipping and payment arrangements.

NOW YOU MAY PURCHASE RE-NATURATION HAIR MIST at www.etsy.com/shop/yendysasis

THE COWRIE SHELL CENTER is the home of organic, natural and quality hair care services and products.

Indulge yourselves in Ancient Blends Re-Naturation 5-STEP HAIR CARE SYSTEM... Revitalizing Shampoo, Herbal Infusion Treatment, Warm Oil Treatment, Herbal Hair Oil Mist and Herbal Styling Gel.

I'm looking forward to hearing from all very you soon!

Thank you,



From The Cowrie Shell Center: Monday, January 25th, 2010 @ 1:24pm

Yendys Nefer-Atum is an Afro-ologist©, Natural Hair Care Specialist,  A Healthy Hair  Transitional Specialist, A Licensed Cosmetologist, A Certified Holistic Practitioner and A certified Wellness Coach.

I am able to answer all of your Natural Hair and Health questions. I am available to assist you with your concerns about Hair Colors, Transitioning from perms and relaxers to wearing your own healthy, natural hair. Also, transitioning from an Animal product dietary lifestyle to a Plant based dietary LIVING-STYLE.

I will also be providing this PROFESSIONAL SERVICE on a website: www.going-natural.com

So please share this info with your friends and family.
Thank you for all of your love and support in advance.

My focus is the connection between a healthy body and healthier hair.

Consultation Fee:
$30 (for 30 min phone session)

Herbal Hot Oil Treatment, Herbal Hair Rinse, Hair Steaming & Scalp Massage

by The Cowrie Shell Center on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at 12:27pm

Why do we need an Herbal Hot Oil Treatment, Herbal Hair Rinse, Steaming of the hair or a Scalp Massage?.....

Our hair reacts to the foods we eat. The food should provide the hair with the minerals and vitamins it needs in order to grow properly. These essential nutrients should not only come from pills. Hormonal factors, hereditary factors and psychological burdens also play an important role in the health of our hair.

Overexposure to ultraviolet rays, pollutants in the air, or other toxic substances; ingestion of alcohol, nicotine, and chlorinated water and illnesses anywhere in our bodies and the side effects

of medication also add to the distress of our crown . So, if any of these things are a challenge in your life...a Natural Hair Care Therapy Session will be a beneficial investment.

Herbal Hot Oil Treatment: an occasional oil treatment nourishes, grooms and repairs our hair. If you have the feeling that your hair and scalp has become dry, thin, straw-like, brittle, flaky and split, then an herbal oil treatment will work wonders.

I use oils like olive, jojoba, aloe vera, vitamin E, and avocado, along with an aromatic blend of essential oils to simulate hair and scalp; while replacing proteins and vitamins.

Cold oil simply coats the outside of the hair strand, providing little benefit.

Scalp Massage: massaging our scalp changes and repairs the condition of our hair by stimulating the circulation under the scalp, bringing nutrients to the roots of the hair and it also moves toxic impurities along to be flushed out of the system.

Steaming: I cover the head completely and apply moderate heat to hair while it is saturated with my herbal oil blend, which pushes the warm healing, nourishing oils and tonics deep into the hair shaft (matrix) of each hair strand.

Herbal Hair Rinse: The spectrum of active substances in shampoos allow for all sorts of possibilities: it washes away all of the oils and other dirt. Our hair also needs to maintain a balance. After each wash, hair should be rinsed with an acidic solution like lemon juice, natural apple cider vinegar or my herbal rinse. This removes the detergent and calcium residue and restores the balance of our scalp. I add a few drops of essential oils to my herbal rinse and I always leave the herbal rinse in your hair so that the healing, rejuvenating effects continue for several weeks.

You may give all of this to yourself, but, why would you want to?

Allow me to provide you with this SPA TREATMENT FOR YOUR SPIRIT,MIND, HAIR AND SCALP.

This EXPERIENCE is priceless, especially when you are RELAXED in the SERENITY of my PAMPERING SERVICES, INHALING the AROMATIC ATMOSPHERE and you start to OBSERVE the BENEFITS.

Please contact me at: yendysasis@yahoo.com

The Cowrie Shell Center: 718-221-2051/ cell: 347-635-3676

Natural Hair care

I love really this photo...Yendys Nefer-Atum yendysasis@yahoo.com www.cowrieshellcenter.com

As a Natural Hair Care Professional, I see many scalp, hair and skin challenges every day.

Today, I would like to offer a few suggestions to help remedy dry scalp, hair and skin (eczema). My own experiences with regular use of omega-6 and 3 oils has shown me that this can drastically reduce the negative effects of anger, nervous tension and depression, which contribute to loss of moisture in our bodies. Some of these symptoms are; dry scalp and hair, loss of hair, dryness of skin, eczema, dehydration, also acidic joints, which can be very painful.

Taking essential fatty acids in the form of avocados, fish oils (wild Salmon), cod liver oil, flaxseed oil and omega 6 and 3 supplements can offer your whole body wellness. In addition to taking supplements, eat more raw veggies daily as well. Increasing your fresh fruit intake and drinking half of your body's weight (in ounces) of alkaline water every day is another helpful way to add moisture to your internal organs.

Remember that consuming coffee, sodas, chocolate, alcohol, beer, wine and sugar etc...all take the moisture away from your body. These degenerated foods and drinks throw your body into a frantic search for water to dilute and flush the sugar out, before it causes severe acidic damage (dehydrating your liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, cells, muscles, nerves, bones, skin, scalp, hair, etc...)

Hair and scalp health is also vulnerable to hormonal imbalances and challenged circulation, this can be the cause of hair loss, especially on the crown of the head. Stress is another huge cause of hair loss. Stress manifests different in different people, you may not be able see the affects of your stress externally, but know that your internal organs are paying a dear price.

Omega -6 & 3's, fish oils and a plant based diet have been proven to improve circulation, reduce the damage caused by stress and assist in re-balancing hormones.

For healthy hair, scalp and skin...Hydrate and give your body an oil change tune-up today!

Yendys Nefer-Atum

Natural Hair care Artist & Consultant


Afro-textured hair is a term used to refer to the typical texture of Black African hair that has not been altered by hot combs, flat irons, or chemicals (by perming, relaxing, or straightening).

Each strand of this hair type grows in a tiny spring-like, corkscrew shape. The overall effect is such that, despite relatively fewer actual hair shafts compared to straight hair,[1] this texture appears (and feels) denser than its straight counterparts. Due to this, it is often referred to as 'thick', 'bushy', 'coarse' or 'wooly'.

For several reasons, possibly including its relatively flat cross section (among other factors[2]), this hair type also conveys a dry or matte appearance.[3][4] Its unique shape also renders it very prone to breakage when combed or brushed.[4] The members of many post-Columbian Western societies have typically used adjectives such as "kinky", "nappy", or "spiralled" to describe natural afro-textured hair.

More recently, however, it has become common (in some circles) to apply numerical grading systems to human hair types. One particularly popular version of these systems describes afro-hair as being 'type 4' (as opposed to the straight type 1, wavy type 2 and curly type 3); with the subcategory of type 4C being the most exemplary of the afro texture (Walker, 1997)