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Fun, Sassy Handmade Afro Wig...it looks easy to make, hmmmm

Inside The Cowrie Shell Center!

The Cowrie Shell Center's own organic product line Ancient Blends, is an international brand that is a complete line of hair and body care products made with love and natural ingredients including lavender, sage, rosemary, lemongrass, cloves, grapefruit, geranium and many other tantalizing aromas. It was founded in 1996 by Barbadian-born Yendys Neferatum and endorsed by many, many satisfied clients and customers for almost two decades.

This season, Ancient Blends is featuring its much sought after body fave, Almond Joy Body Buttah for head to toe moisturizing and aromatherapy.

Call to schedule a visit, then stop by this Fall, see what we have for you inside The Cowrie Shell Center...

These products can also be purchased @ www.etsy.com/shop/yendysasis

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Ancient Blends Natural Hair Care Products Shop

Stylist Recommended...Client Approved


This is my Ancient Blends Herbal Re-Naturation Hair and Skin care System; an organic, eco-friendly, plant-based, vegan-friendly product line. Since 1992, I started blending natural ingredients into home-made products to meet the needs of my growing client base.

I use the best ingredients to nurture and re-hydrate your hair and skin. Ancient Blends is committed to using the highest quality, organically grown herbs and food grade fruit oils and other unrefined ingredients for creating gentle, home-made, plant-based hair oils, body butters, herbal shampoos, herbal conditioners and many other products. My products contain no additives, chemical or synthetic perfumes, simply pure botanical goodness.
Ancient Blends products may be used on all types of hair, although natural hair will receive the most benefits. Processed hair is hair that has been permanently altered, and so its protective layers have been stripped away. This will cause hair to be non-repairable, dry and brittle(although, the virgin hair at your root will benefit.) Ancient Blends products also serve a dual purpose, hair and scalp, as well as bath and body essentials. It is said that if the product is good enough for the scalp, then it is good for the body. There are many other products on the market these days that use the word 'natural' on their labels to get you to purchase them. Be an educated consumer and know what you are purchasing. Many persons are susceptible to allergic reactions from essential oils and herbs which may cause no problems for others. Pregnant women and those with epileptic situations should especially be aware of certain essential oils and herbs.

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Dead Prez "The Beauty Within"

Ancient Blends Sacred Hair & Scalp Blessing oil

My natural, vegan-friendly hair and body care line is called named 'Ancient Blends,' which means that these products are created from the cellular rememberance of the ancient ones. They are ancestral recipes... using simply pure, aromatic, natural ingredients to achieve a harmonious relationship between mind, body and spirit, which offers wellness in our hair and body. My products are also muli-purposed; meaning that they are to be use on your hair and scalp as well as in the bath and also for moisturizing your skin.

This item comes in three sizes (lg 16oz, med 8oz, sm 4oz)

Ancient Blends Sacred Hair & Scalp Blessing oil is a unique blend of sage, rosemary, lavender and lemon/ginger essential oils. This blend was created to be applied slightly warmed to scalp and hair. Warm oil will penetrate deeper into your hair shaft and not just coat the out side of the loc, allowing the hair and scalp to receive its full benefits. Ancient Blends hair and scalp blessing oil may also be used as a hot oil treatment. It is effective in treating dandruff, dry skin and scalp, reputedly encourages hair growth and minimizes hair loss. This formula can also for use on the body as well, helping to ward off premature ageing and keeping skin looking healthy and youthful.

Together with my past mentors and over twenty years of self study, this ancient gift is what I use to create my herbal product line...ANCIENT BLENDS


Written by: David Allan Banks

So, on Wednesday I had my locs tended and the process has begun again. No ‘fashion dred’ either. I want strong vines for my Lion and that’s basically what I told Yendys Nefer-Atum at The Cowrie Shell Center: http:www.cowrieshellcenter.com She is more than just a loctician, she is a wholistic practitioner, so everything is everything, 360 degrees. Aside from that, I have also found their facebook page www.facebook.com/Yendys Neferatum quite enlightening, especially in terms of the useful information of the high sciences of everything in life.

I was recently at a Word Performance Laboratory with Sister Halimah Ali and Poet extraordinaire, Rainmaker Seaton and Sister Halimah talked of the colors of our heart. And she asked us to see what was the color of our hearts. As much as I wanted mine to be some fly shish like purple or fire red, I kept seeing orange.

Going to The Cowrie Shell Center page, I saw that Yendys broke down colors by the day in the postings. It wasn’t, however, until I was head first in a Herbal Hair Rinse at the center, that the jewel was dropped that orange dealt with the energy of Sekhmet, a creative and destructive force and protector of Ma’at. To me this information was right on time considering the day’s Mathematics were Wisdom Equality born Build or Destroy. Carl Jung would call it synchronicity. We call it ‘mind detect mind.’

So this is the energy that I am dealing with as I begin my journey for a third time, hoping that this is a charm. I head back to see Yendys in about six weeks.

Be sure to build with the Auset Yendys, she got it on loc!!!

The Cowrie Shell Center: 718-221-2051

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Greetings... my name is Yendys!

I started growing my locs at the beginning 1991. As a former cosmetology student of Wilfred Academy (in 1984) in downtown Brooklyn, I had experienced all kinds of other hair styles...except a Jheri Curl!!!...I didn't want that one...LOL

I rocked a 'fro from age thirteen until I was about fifteen years old. Then, I relaxed my own hair with a box of Dark and Lovely relaxer, thinking I would look like the lady on the box! I did a great job of damaging my nice, natural fro...

Today I'm wearing my second set of locs. I released the first set. Just like anything else which grows, there comes a time when we have to shed. But, right away I continued on my journey and grew a much healthier crown than my first set of locs...

I attribute the health of my hair to my natural hair care products (having ingredients to feed our type of hair makes all the difference in the world!), inner peace, a healthy living style, as well as a cleansing of the past!

The Cowrie Shell Center for Natural Hair Care (www.cowrieshellcenter.com) came into being due to a growing shift in consciousness. (I can't honestly say that I had this vision back then, at least not with my human eyes, anyway. I'm very happy that I did not allow fear nor doubt to stop me.)

It was right on time though; not a moment
too soon to begin saving our hair and scalps
(and our children's too!) from future detriment.
Imagine if we had not stopped, if we'd just kept
going... until now?

I know I would have been bald by now...LOL

So, with blessed hands, spiritual guidance, gathering knowledge, my own creativity and the support of countless others (yes, you as well) my home-based business of caring for our chemically treated, dying hair, then transformed into a healing sanctuary for the artistry of natural hair care, health and spiritual well being. It has truly been an honor for me. It has given me great pride to be of service to my community.

To many who frequent this oasis, the vibration inside The Cowrie Shell Center is loving known as 'THE YENDYS EXPERIENCE,' a soul touching journey.'

I specializing in Natural Hair Care, Organic homemade hair and skin care products, Holistic Wellness Consultations, jewelry, crochet items and more...

purchase Ancient Blends products

November 2010: NY Stylist Yendys Neferatum
wins Ultimate Hairapy Award @www.mysalonscoop.com (Treating the total person)

September 2010: Yendys Neferatum became Founder/ Editor & Chief of: Inside The Cowrie Shell Center Magazine...featuring natural hair care, skin care & health

August 2010: Yendys presented yet another hair care product to her vegan-friendly hair care system ANCIENT BLENDS... ''Re-Naturation" a light, non greasy moisturizing hair mist

Soul II Soul - Keep On Movin'

"Who Does Your Hair" - SISTAH TALK TV SHOW - 2011 International Africa...

Cowrie Shell Center Photo Montage

Looking for a NATURAL HAIR GEL???? www.etsy.com/shop/yendysasis

ANCIENT BLENDS NATURAL GEL is a made with essential oils and plant extracts and proteins. Over the past two decades, this product has proven itself to be an excellent moisturizer for your hair and scalp. It provides extra hold without the flaking, drying and itching. This gel is highly recommended for thickening your hair and promoting the re-growth of lost hair lines due to damage from using chemicals. This gel should be used for maintaining all of your natural hair styles. This rich herbal gel is quite unique. Finally, an herbal gel that re-hydrates, conditions, thickens and nourishes hair while it stimulates the roots!


This formula is 100 percent natural plant-based vegetable glycerine, aloe vera gel, plant placenta and proteins, coconut oil, biotin, peach, basil, calendula flowers, birch, shave grass root, rosemary, onion extracts, vitamin A, b, C, D & E. It stimulates the root ball of your hair and nourishes your hair follicles, which gives hair a thicker, fuller look and a more moisturized feeling.

I recommend this gel, especially for the entire family for starting locs, styling twists, braids, for keeping twist-out styles moisturized through-out the day. You may also use this gel to keep thinning or fly-away edges intact. This formula is very light and carries a fresh, pleasant aromatic fragrance, a little does goes a long way, so use it sparingly.

Directions: Apply Ancient Blends natural gel to parted sections of damp hair if you desire to create a twisted or braided hairstyle. Apply it evenly and directly to your damp hair and scalp if you wish to keep your curls moist all day long.

(FOR GREATER STYLING EFFECTS:I recommend that you sit under a hot hair dryer for a few minutes after styling your hair with this gel.)

Pay special attention to areas of poor hair growth or thinning sides. Massage the gel in well and then style your hair.

****I highly recommend this product for natural hair.***

I am looking for hair styles and hair product for my hair,, I don't want locks or perm in my hair any more,, my hair is in an afro my hair is kind of curly if i wet it but when it dry up most of the curly go too ,, do u have any suggestion???

Yes Sarie: You may purchase my Re-NATURATION moisturizing hair mist at: www.etsy.com/shop/yendysasis

Moisture for your hair in an Herbal Oil Mist...

Ancient Blends plant-based products also provide you with Aromatherapy!

HERB: Horsetail...Used For Haircare & Health Benefits

...Ancient Blends Herbal Hair Conditioning Rinse

By The Cowrie Shell Center: Sunday, October 31st, 2010 @ 7:42pm

Often when looking for a “natural” hair conditioner or hair growth aid, we turn to the herbal kingdom. As we go through our herbal options a plant that quickly comes to our attention is horsetail. This article explores the beneficial qualities of horsetail as a health and beauty aid.

Promotes Hair Growth Horsetail tea for hair growth is an excellent choice to make because it promotes hair growth. In addition to that it is also responsible for treating dandruff and other similar scalp conditions.

This wonderful herb is one of the ingredients in my Ancient Blends Herbal Hair Conditioning Rinse.

Available @ www.etsy.com/shop/yendysasis.com

also www.cowrieshellcenter.com


Horsetail Background

Horsetail is a member of the Equisetaceae family. The type used in cosmetics and shampoos most often is Equisetum arvense L. Horsetail has many colorful folk names including scouring rush, corncob plant, horsetail grass, shavegrass, pewterwort and bottle brush. The Latin root equus, meaning horse, and seta, which means bristle, come together to form part of its botanical Latin name. Its common name “horsetail” refers to the herb’s thin, branchlike leaves which in some ways are similar to the hair of a horse’s tail. It is called scouring rush because the durable plant can be used as a natural scouring aid for pots, pans and pewter, as well as in refining some forms of art as a natural sandpaper.

Horsetail descends from the huge, tree-like plants of the Paleozoic era some 400 million years ago. Closely related to ferns, horsetail is a non-flowering weed found throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It is perennial plant, with hollow stems and shoots reminiscent of asparagus.

To prepare horsetail for use, the young shoots are harvested in the early spring and dried; it is also tinctured or even eaten, prepared like asparagus. As horsetail dries, silica crystals form in the stems and branches, lending the herb its scouring ability. Later in the year, horsetail levels rise significantly and then it can be an irritant to the kidneys.

Horsetail has a venerable history in Herbalism traced back to ancient Rome and Greece where it was used to stop bleeding, heal ulcers, hemorrhoids, wounds and to treat tuberculosis, anemia, as well as kidney ailments. As a traditional European folk remedy, horsetail has been used as a diuretic to reduce swelling and fluid retention. Horsetail is approved by the German Commission E as a diuretic. Horsetail is used to treat bladder infections and incontinence as well as bed wetting. This is because internal use of the herb reduces the urge to urinate. Horsetail is used to treat osteoporosis, kidney stones, urinary tract inflammation and as a topical wound healer. Horsetail has been recommended by some herbalists as a treatment for tumors and certain cancers.

Horsetail Tea Preparation

The following is the procedure for brewing tea:

  1. The green parts of the horsetail plant are used in the preparation of tea.
  2. Take these green parts and dry them.
  3. Once dry, soak about 1-2 tsp of this in a cup of cold water.
  4. Let it soak for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Alternately, one could use the dried parts and simmer in a cup of water for 15 minutes.
  6. This will allow the essence and flavors to be sufficiently brought out.
  7. Now strain the liquid.
  8. You can have this either as a hot or a cold beverage.
  9. Depending on your taste preferences, add a little bit of honey to it.
  10. The recommended dosage is about 2 cups everyday.
  11. The health effects of horsetail tea will be felt after a period of about 2 weeks.

Health Benefits of Horsetail Tea

There are several horsetail tea uses that one can avail of. Take a look at some of these below:

Strengthens Lungs The main component of horsetail tea is silicic acid. This is responsible for strengthening the walls of the air sacs in the lungs as well as increasing resistance. Along with that it also promotes expectoration and relieves a person of the discomfort of coughing continuously. It is extremely beneficial in treating ailments like asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis.

Treats Urinary Infections Horsetail tea has been touted as a diuretic and is therefore responsible for washing away the toxins and wastes of the body and lending a cleansing effect to the kidneys. It thereby relieves the kidneys of any strain without washing away the important nutrients and minerals.

Reduces Swellings Horsetail tea has excellent medicinal properties and is very effective in reducing swellings in the body, along with getting rid of water retention.

Promotes Joint Health Silicic acid that is found in abundance in horsetail tea, is responsible for strengthening the connective tissues in the body and thereby leading to strengthened joints. It also heals joint injuries, skin disorders, rheumatism and gout.

Promotes Blood Clotting Horsetail tea makes for an excellent supplementary drink and is a favored choice for promoting women's health. Horsetail tea promotes clotting of blood by strengthening the walls of the blood vessels. It thereby showcases healing properties and helps in regularizing irregularmenstruation and the pain from cramps. Since it helps in clotting of blood, it also helps in treating and preventing bleeding gums and bloody noses.

Promotes Bone Health Horsetail tea helps to strengthen bones and cartilage and is therefore responsible for promoting strong bones. It also helps to fight against arthritis and osteoporosis.

Other Horsetail Tea Uses Given below are a few other benefits of this tea which are listed as follows:

  • It helps in treating varicose veins because of its ability to tighten tissues and blood vessels. Place a cotton swab soaked in horsetail tea for relief.
  • Horsetail tea is used to fight mouth sores and other infections and wounds in the mouth.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent choice to make for treating and healing burns and wounds.
  • It helps maintain digestive health by treating disorders like acidity and ulcers.
  • Horsetail tea also promotes the growth of strong nails.

Read more on:

  • Health Benefits of Tea
  • Tea Nutrition Facts
  • Herbal Tea Remedies

Horsetail Tea Side Effects

Horsetail tea is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing, for children and for people who have kidney stones. There are some other side effects of horsetail tea which include the following. Nausea, muscle weakness, electrolyte imbalance, certain skin problems, fever, abnormal pulse rate, deficiency of thiamine. All these effects are seen when an overdose of the horsetail tea supplement is taken. Horsetail tea should not be had with a combination of alcohol, or licorice

Dreadlocks have a long history. The first writings of the style appeared in the Veda scriptures from India, dating from approximately 1800 BC. Bas-relief statues from ancient Egypt show dread-locked figures, and mummified figures from Egypt whom also sported the style. Ancient Celts were dreadlocks that Ceasar described as “hair like snakes”.

Many cultures have worn this hair style such as: Nazorites, Greeks, Germanic tribes, Aztecs, Naga Indians, the Mau Mau tribes, Hindu, and the Baye Fall of Senegal. Among the Ashanti and other Akans of Gahna dreadlocks were worn by their spiritual leaders, known as Okomfos. Warriors of the Maasai in Kenya wore long dreadlocks that dyed them red.

Dreadlocks are also connected with the Rastafarian movement. One interpretation tells that Rastamen wore their dreads spiritually, as they have been instructed to keep their bodies whole. One of the most popular dread was Bob Marley whom was apart of the Rastafarian movement in the 1980′s

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The Yendys Experience...1993 Down memory lane..

Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 12:48pm · Edit · Discard

Reeshamah Grayson: Yes!! You started my Mom and Cousin/Aunt in 1993 and I was so impresed by your work. Their locs grew beautifully and healthy in just a matter of months. After witnessing the growth and beauty of their locs, I decided to start my loc journey with you the next year (1994). I trekked to Bklyn and went to the Cowrie Shell Center every 3 months for the first two years. People would and still stop me on the street and ask "Who started your locs?" I humbly give thanks and credit to you Yendys !!

Ancient Blends Natural Hair Gel : Aloe and Pure Vegetable Glycerin For Hair Growth...It's vegan Friendly

Ancient Blends Natural Hair Gel : Pure Vegetable Glycerin For Hair Growth...It's vegan Friendly

Ancient Blends Natural Hair Gel : Pure Vegetable Glycerin For Hair Growth...It's vegan Friendly

by The Cowrie Shell Center on Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 9:38pm

Vegetable Glycerin is an ingredient added to many shampoos, creams, moisturizing lotions, soaps, liquid soaps, etc. But, why is glycerin so popular for making of skin and hair care products? To maintain the skin and hair soft and lustrous, moisture is required. Glycerin is hygroscopic in nature, which means it absorbs water from its surroundings. This property ofveggie glycerin makes it an excellent ingredient for skin and hair care products.

Here are some the benefits of veggie glycerin for your hair, some tips on how you can use it, and some precautions you need to consider while using glycerin.

For Veggie Gylcerin Based Haircare and Skincare Products Try:

To Find Ancient Blends Products:



Email: yendysasis@yahoo.com

Follow me on Twitter: yendysnef

Pure Veggie Glycerin for Hair Growth

Glycerin is a sweet tasting transparent thick liquid, which freezes to a gummy paste, and has a high boiling point. Glycerin can be easily dissolved in water and alcohol. Many other ingredients can also be dissolved into glycerin. If a bottle of glycerin is kept open, then glycerin will absorb water and will have a considerable amount of water in it. Glycerin comes from the soap making process. Vegetable glycerin is a food grade product, which is derived from vegetable oil.

Benefits of Vegetable Glycerin for Hair

Apart from being able to return moisture back to dry hair, scalp or skin, glycerin for hair growth is also used. Using glycerin one can greatly condition dry, frizzy and brittle hair. If you are suffering from dry, flaky scalp then rubbing some vegetable glycerin on scalp can greatly alleviate irritation. This is especially beneficial for Afro-African women, our hair needs lots of moisture to grow. Apart from moisturizing benefits of glycerin for hair care, it also greatly helps to strengthen the hair, which leads to less breakage of the hair, and less formation of split ends.

Uses of Veggie Glycerin

Glycerin can be mixed with essential oils, carrier oils, water, honey, etc. Using such products you can create great blends for natural skin care and hair care. Wondering, where to buy glycerin for hair from? You can buy glycerin at any health care store, or shop for it online. You can mix glycerin, water, aloe vera juice, few essential oils like lavender, rosemary in a spray bottle and little amount of conditioner. Then freeze this mixture, and apply it 2-3 days in a week on your scalp and hair. Massage with this solution, and keep the mix for 2 minutes on wet hair, then wash hair clean. You can also mix glycerin with plain water and apply it on the scalp regularly, to get new hair which has a re-hydrated texture. To preserve glycerin for longer periods of timer, you can add a shot of vodka to it. You can also buy the commercial hair care products that contain glycerin as their main ingredient, and use them for moisturizing your hair. Learn more on glycerin uses for skin.


It is important that you avoid using glycerin if you are staying in a place that has extremely dry weather. Because, glycerin on skin or hair might attract moisture from the hair strands or the skin. This can result into blisters on skin, or make the hair even more dry. However, if you are using glycerin in dry weather you can try mixing it with jojoba oil, and then use it on your hair or skin. Also, while using glycerin in regular weather, mix it with water and then apply it to keep your hair and skin well moisturized.

This was all about glycerin for hair, its benefits and uses. So, buy a bottle of vegetable glycerin from a health store, and use it to get rid of dry frizzy hair or a flaky scalp. You can also use the vegetable glycerin for moisturizing your skin.

Ancient Blends Herbal Hair Gel

"NEW" Re-Naturation Herbal Hair Oil Mist...

Ancient Blends New Moisturizer formulated by Yendys Nefer-Atum

by The Cowrie Shell Center on Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 9:24am


"Renaturate" your hair...This formula works on a cellular level to improve the present condition, vitality and health of your hair, follicles and scalp skin cells. It also assists in the natural stimulation of your own sebaceous glands (oil ducts), producing sebum, to better moisturize your hair.

Re-Naturation means to restore to it's original state, to renew.

Blessings Everyone;

I'm really excited today...It's time to share yet another wonderful hair product with you!

Ancient Blends Presents....My NEW Herbal Hair Oil Mist, RE-NATURATION...!

It restores life and luster to dull, brittle and over-stressed hair, leaving your hair with a glowing, moisturized finish. It penetrates the hair shaft to deposit proteins without leaving the usual product build-up. It sprays on...NO MORE GREASY HANDS!!! This oil mist is also acid balanced to really be a benefit to your hair, being more beneficial for virgin/natural hair. About four months ago, I began using this product as a compliment to my clients hair styles; I witnessed the difference right away. This mist is a combination of essential plant and flower essences, moisturizing plant-based ingredients and pure nut and fruit oils. The aromatic charm of this herbal oil mist is a light blend of geranium flower essence, lavender leaves and flowers and grapefruit extract essences.

Due to the high quality ingredients and the things that I don't add (no parabens, petroleum, mineral oils, lanolin fat or artificial colors) my hair and body care products will be a bit more expensive than beauty supply store brands, but my clients will say, 'it's definetly worth it, you get what you pay for!'

I'm very pleased to report that as of today, my new hair oil mist Re-Naturation IS AVAILABLE for you to purchase!!!

I was busy bottling, labeling and blessing this new addition's arrival last night!

The retail price for Re-Naturation Herbal Hair Oil Mist is $19.50... although, as a PROMO, the first 25 COWRIE SHELL CENTER FAN PAGERS will receive it at the discounted price of $15.00 for the month of SEPTEMBER ONLY!!!

Unfortunately, this product is not being sold on my website yet. It will be there this coming Fall, so stay tunned to www.cowrieshellcenter.com

In the mean-time, you may receive your 4oz bottle as soon as possible directly from me at The Cowrie Shell Center Boutique in Brooklyn, by contacting me at my EMAIL: yendysasis@yahoo.com. ALSO, Please INBOX me for shipping and payment arrangements.

NOW YOU MAY PURCHASE RE-NATURATION HAIR MIST at www.etsy.com/shop/yendysasis

THE COWRIE SHELL CENTER is the home of organic, natural and quality hair care services and products.

Indulge yourselves in Ancient Blends Re-Naturation 5-STEP HAIR CARE SYSTEM... Revitalizing Shampoo, Herbal Infusion Treatment, Warm Oil Treatment, Herbal Hair Oil Mist and Herbal Styling Gel.

I'm looking forward to hearing from all very you soon!

Thank you,